Acoustic Duos

Do you need an acoustic Duo for your event?
Acoustic Duos are the most popular choice for live wedding music, and the most effective use of budget when you need a band who can step up the energy and interaction with your clients, staff and patrons. They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to music, two voices, & two sets of arms go a long way to increase the energy, adding harmonies and layers that are just not possible with a soloist to give you the radio sound, and the band vibe.
Duo’s are available in a wide variety of formats both instrumental and vocal. Many feature guitar, but bass and percussive instruments are often added too, in addition to all the soloist instrumentation and sounds!
Duos can typically play longer than a soloist, able to share the load, and add extra variety into a typical show
Whatever your need may be, our experienced Duos will supply you with an enjoyable atmosphere and ambiance that you can only get with real live music.

Featured Duos

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